Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Foodies Usher in The Year of Tiger

Chinese New Year 2010 auspiciously falls on 14 February on Valentine's Day! A Double celebrations for to usher in the year of Tiger & LOVE! A group of food blog friends got together at the House of Tang, One Bangsar to celebrate both occasions.

left to right: Jess, Lionel, Mei Yee, Bok, Coco, Sunny, Xin and Shirl

This lovely Chinese New Year celebration was organised by Sidney of and hosted by House of Tang, One Bangsar.

House of Tangs, One Bangsar
A fantastic location for the Chinese New Year celebration

For the celebration of Love, Newly weds Lionel & Mei Yee, good friends Jess, Bok, Coco, Sunny & Xin created a lovely Valentine's Day picture.

The Cheongsam "Leng Loi" Mei Yee in Carven Ong's yellow silk cheongsam with matching green handmade floral embroidery and Coco in her own white silk cheongsam with lovely pink floral print.

Especially to usher in the Year of Tiger,
Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw of
surprised everyone with his creative and delicious cupcakes!

Creatively delicious cupcakes..Yummy!

Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw and his lovely Chinese New Year's cupcakes. A must have!

"Yee Sang" an auspicious Chinese New Year dish, symbolise "Lou Hei" -Prosperity a must have on the Chinese New Year menu for both lunch or dinner.
(Yee Sang served by House of Tang)

Fresh Salmon is the most popular fish, main ingredient
in serving the"Yee Sang" dish

Master Chef Koh personally prepared the "Yee Sang" dish for everyone

"Yee Sang" is ready for "Lou Hei"

Let's "Lou Hei"!
Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Wealthy Chinese New Year!

Togetherness, Dining and Wining is an important Chinese New Year culture to celebrate the occasion.

Prawn, symbolise "He Ha Tai Siew" means Happiness for the new year.

Master Chef Koh and his culinary team at House of Tang prepared a lovely Chinese New Year dinner for everyone.

Baked Pork Ribs

Chrysanthemum Rice Cake

Dessert time! These deliciously creative cupcakes
by Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw of
were lovely to complete the Chinese New Year menu.

left to right: Ken -, Alex -,
The creative photographer team who were behind the scene producing these fantastic shots for everyone! Here are more photos of everyone


Sunny Yaw



Mei Yee


"Kung Fu Masters" in action
left to right: Bok a.ka. "Fok Lin Kap", Lionel a.ka. "Hong Hei Kun" and Sunny a.k.a "Wong Fei Hung"

One for the Finale! JUMP!
Everyone had a fantastic time at House of Tang, One Bangsar!
A special appreciation and thanks to:
Wishing everyone a Roaring Tiger Year!


  1. fast!!! i have to cepat cepat liau!

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  2. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and the events is a memorable one .... such a success and happy ones ...

  3. A great event with delicious food and fashion.
    Kong Hai Fatt Choy...

  4. Thank you everyone for the blessings! Kong Hei Fatt Choy to all of you too! he..he... want Angpow? me lor!..ha..ha..

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