Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Foodies Usher in The Year of Tiger

Chinese New Year 2010 auspiciously falls on 14 February on Valentine's Day! A Double celebrations for to usher in the year of Tiger & LOVE! A group of food blog friends got together at the House of Tang, One Bangsar to celebrate both occasions.

left to right: Jess, Lionel, Mei Yee, Bok, Coco, Sunny, Xin and Shirl

This lovely Chinese New Year celebration was organised by Sidney of and hosted by House of Tang, One Bangsar.

House of Tangs, One Bangsar
A fantastic location for the Chinese New Year celebration

For the celebration of Love, Newly weds Lionel & Mei Yee, good friends Jess, Bok, Coco, Sunny & Xin created a lovely Valentine's Day picture.

The Cheongsam "Leng Loi" Mei Yee in Carven Ong's yellow silk cheongsam with matching green handmade floral embroidery and Coco in her own white silk cheongsam with lovely pink floral print.

Especially to usher in the Year of Tiger,
Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw of
surprised everyone with his creative and delicious cupcakes!

Creatively delicious cupcakes..Yummy!

Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw and his lovely Chinese New Year's cupcakes. A must have!

"Yee Sang" an auspicious Chinese New Year dish, symbolise "Lou Hei" -Prosperity a must have on the Chinese New Year menu for both lunch or dinner.
(Yee Sang served by House of Tang)

Fresh Salmon is the most popular fish, main ingredient
in serving the"Yee Sang" dish

Master Chef Koh personally prepared the "Yee Sang" dish for everyone

"Yee Sang" is ready for "Lou Hei"

Let's "Lou Hei"!
Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Wealthy Chinese New Year!

Togetherness, Dining and Wining is an important Chinese New Year culture to celebrate the occasion.

Prawn, symbolise "He Ha Tai Siew" means Happiness for the new year.

Master Chef Koh and his culinary team at House of Tang prepared a lovely Chinese New Year dinner for everyone.

Baked Pork Ribs

Chrysanthemum Rice Cake

Dessert time! These deliciously creative cupcakes
by Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw of
were lovely to complete the Chinese New Year menu.

left to right: Ken -, Alex -,
The creative photographer team who were behind the scene producing these fantastic shots for everyone! Here are more photos of everyone


Sunny Yaw



Mei Yee


"Kung Fu Masters" in action
left to right: Bok a.ka. "Fok Lin Kap", Lionel a.ka. "Hong Hei Kun" and Sunny a.k.a "Wong Fei Hung"

One for the Finale! JUMP!
Everyone had a fantastic time at House of Tang, One Bangsar!
A special appreciation and thanks to:
Wishing everyone a Roaring Tiger Year!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Flippin' Pancakes in Mount Dandenong

Series 5: Food & Travel Melbourne & Victoria, Australia

Flippin Pancake at Mount Dandenong
My visit to Melbourne recently took me back to Mount Dandenong, always love to visit this little hill resort. The weather was just lovely & breezy at 18C here.
A half day trip turned into a full day with me wondering around the forest reserved area admiring all the different species of tress, plants and flowers. That includes me searching for food too! Here's one of my favourite at Flippin' Pancakes.
Flippin' Pancakes

Garden Cottage Restaurant

Main Entrance with alfresco dining & breezy complete with fantastic green landscaped

Fire place in the restaurant

A romantic window seats

Main dining hall - a lovely cottage style deco

My lovely cup of English Breakfast Tea

Cottage style garlic bread..the herb butter is fantastic!

Fresh Pumpin Soup..just wonderful!

Canadian - that's the name of this yummy dish
(two pancakes served with two fresh farm eggs and crispy bacon)

The ever popular 'Salmon Stacks' -an indeed lovely dish, simple, light & fantastic!
Stacks of smoked salmons in between of two pikelets
wih lettuce, cucumber & a tomato relish
Look at the generous slices of smoked salmons..I fell in love with it in a glance!

Creamy Mushroom - another popular yet simple dish!
One large pancake served with fresh mushroons in a creamy white sauce and sour cream
Flippin' Pancakes is a must visit when you're visiting Mount Dandenong.
Flippin' Pancakes, 327 MT. Dandenong Tourist Road, Sassafras Victoria 3787

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pick Your Own Strawberry at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Series 4: Food & Travel Melbourne & Victoria, Australia

Fresh Sweet & Juicy Strawberries
A Great Summer Day to do something Delicious! Yes, to do something Delicious! Let's drive South of Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula, the beautiful hinterland of Victoria.
An area renowed for its quality fresh produce, world-class vineyards and award winning restaurants. It's steawberries seasons as well as some other fresh produce such as peaches, raspberries, cherries and all seasonal for vegetables.
I had been longing to do "Upick"- pick your own fresh produce and explore the picturesque farm fields. I just loved the green trees, farm lands, vineyards and the freshness of the air surrounding these picturesque fields.
Whilst on the road, I had quickly done a check on the website via my mobile phone, where Upick were available and Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm was open for Upick Strawberries. That's where we were aheading then for lovely juicy sweet fresh strawberries!
Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm
Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Alfresco area to indulge your strawberries

Some Picking Hints at the entrance of the strawberry fields

On the way to the Upick strawberry field....

Here we are! at the strawberry field.

Wow..there were some early visitors picking away at the field

That's the strawberry plant..but where's the strawberries?

Hey, found! can't pick's still growing...
Let's explore the young strawberries & learn more!

Finally, my sister found some ripe strawberries that she can be picked....

Here's a big juicy ones!... Yum! Yum!

Wowwie!..There's lots more...

Let's remember the picking hints....
only selected those that can be picked and leave the young ones to grow....

Here's more!

Big! Big Strawberries awaits us!

Phew! It was a hot 30 degree Celcius..
but the strawberries made it all excited!

Hide & Seek! Found another Big Juicy Strawberry!

Peek A Boo! I saw that one!

There were plenty of strawberry fields surround the Upick field
but No Entry as these fields are newly seeded!

Here's a peep of the new young field that's out of bound!

Well, I have call it a day and heading back to the Lodge!
Here's a good reminder!

Here's our picking (my family & I)..sweet, sweet strawberries!

Here's a closer look! Upick Strawberries are chargable

Here's more!
After a few hours of exicting time at the strawberries field and under the hot summer sun! It was time for good freshment and drinks. Here's what available at the Strawberry Cafe..

A cup of Sunny Ridge Devonshire Tea with fresh homemade Scones
served with homemade strawberries jam & double thick cream! Yummy!

Here's a fresh juicy strawberry!

Next on the menu.. Homemade Baked Vanilla Cheesecake topped with fresh slices of strawberries

Homemade Chocolate Mud Cake served with marinated Raspberries & Double Thick Cream

Here's the Farm Made Ice Cream Bar! The varieties were mouth-watering! Yummy!

Let's stop by the Gourmet Corner and get some of the Sunny Ridge gourmet produce
ranging from jam, syrup, chutney/relish, olive oil, honey, strawberry themed gifts and beauty products.

at The Cellar... Sunny Ridge's luscious boutique wines and liquers are crafted on site and made to traditional Gallace family recipes!

More products!
More and more products to choose

Strawberries for Sale at the Gourmet Corner. Makes a lovely gift

Boxes of fresh strawberries can be purchased at the Gourmet Corner
Boxes of fresh cherries

Fresh raspberries

Fresh garden produce for sale
Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm
Cnr Mornington-Flinders and Shands Road
Main Ridge 3928 Victoria Australia